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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 13, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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losing an enemy? john boehner says he is open to compromise on tax cuts. is this a victory for the white house? or have they lost the boogeyman they were hoping they could ride to midterm success? then hurricane igor. it's a category four storm only getting stronger. we'll look at whether it's a threat to the u.s. coast. and that's not the only one out there. cop rsus cop then. two groups out today that share a lifetime of law enforcement experience. but they are very different views on whether it's time for california and other states to make smoking pot legal. and then a sexy sports reporter, some says, says members of the new york jets that w ent too far in her coverage. the team under a cloud of sexual harassment allegations just hours before they take the field for the first time game, or the first game of the season. all at this coming hour. hello, everyone. i'm richard lui in for chris
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jansing on this monday. live from nbc world headquarte in new york. first breaking news that just came in within the last hour. the case of accused christmas day bomber, abdulmutallab. pete williams is all over that one. tell us what happened at the hearing today. somewhat surprising for some. >> it was. he's basically borrowing a page from the terrorismth trial of t man originally accused of being the 21st hijacker. in fact, what happened is abdulmutallab today told a federal judge, you're looking at still picture of what the fbi says we found on him, the explosive device concealed in his under. but today abdulmutallab says he's groan disenchanted with his defense lawyers now and he wants to represent himself. and after asking all the usual questions the judges ask when someone wants to do that, he
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said he wanted to. so he's now representing himself. and acourting to an affiliate in detroit, shortly after given the right, abdulmallab says if i want to plead guilty to some of the counts, how can i do that? the judge says you'll have to ask standby counsel, what is normally appointed in aen case like thiwhen someone decides to represent themselves. judge appoints defense lawyers that can give that person legal advice and can also step back in if the whole thing goes haywire. as of now he's acting as his own lawyer in his trial for which there's still no trial date. >> pete, as we know, this could change. no doubt the proceedings willbe interesting. pete williams, appreciate it. >> you bet. president obama is in virgi spending part of the day talking about the economy with several families in a local
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neighborhoods. despite unemployment and low poll numbers, the president expressed optimism when it comes to the economy. i have never been more confident about the future of our economy if we stay on track and deal with the long standing problems that we hadn't dealt with for decades. if we have a tax system that is fair and helps the middle class, and that also attends to our long-term deficit problems. >> holly joins us ow. thanks f stopping by. >> thank you. >> he's in the backyard talking to families trying to get one on one with them. it's all about this middle-income american family. john boehner put o an olive branch over the weekend. was he thinking about these families as well?
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>> i think a little bit. last friday the president was talking about compromise and how republicans could not compromise using words like the party of no. but essentially boehner by coming out and suggesting he tok would compromise took away their argument, suggesting they would, in fact, compromise on this. >> represeekntative boehner speaking over the weekend on b what he said. >> the only option i have is to vote for some of the tax reductions, then i'll vote for it. but i've been making the point for months that we need to extend all the curre rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> again, that's the house minority leader. then we have the senate minority leader also speaking out about this. also a stoex man for mitch mcconnell saying hey, i'm not
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going to support this. is the gop working together here? >> there'sot another conflict. boehner's deputy said he didn't think he could support a vote without raising the tax cuts for the wealthy. it's interesting to see what the game is they're playing here. if he is trying to come out on his own, if if there's internal divisions within the gop over these tax cuts. >> it sounds like a win for the democrats despite whatme may be some fighting or discussion within the gop. but is this really a win?ne did representative boehner take away a big boogeyman for the democrats? >> it's hard to say. the democrats are trying define boehner as the head of the party. it doesn't look like this will come up for a vote before election day anyway. we're l locked in a debate where it's really goi nowhere.
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the big losers are the american people. >> that's what i was going to say. it is unfortunate. it's an issue that everybody cares about across the country. thank you so much, holly, from yahoo news in terms of the latest development over the weekend. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, luke russert gives us an indepth profile of john boehner and he'll look at how his childhood has pacted his view of the world. stick around for that. now to other breaking news happening on this monday out of venezuela at this hour. we're getting pictures finally into us here. this is a plane you see here that had 51 people on board. it crashed, and officials are saying at least 21 people have survived. this plane was traveling from the caribbean margarita when it went down. this is a smaller plane. about 40 to 50 people can fit. n
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it. so stick around for developments throughout the day. we have new pictures of hurricane igor. this is video from the international space station. you can get a sense of how large igor ics as it encompasses a portion of the earth. category 4 hurricane with 150 miles pehour winds. the national hurricane center say it's growing stronger by the minute. let's go to nick walker at the weather channel who is watching that for us. nick, that's what you're looking at over the right shoulder. but that's not the only one on top of that? >> no, we have three systems in the atlantic. and two ofha them have names. we may have three named systems before too long. when it's over the ocean, sometimes it's hard to determine the size, but this is about 1200 miles across. that's about the t distance fro
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dallas to washington, d.c. it's a huge, huge hurricane on the atlantic, and a very powerful one. could become category five, perhaps. that would be 156 miles an hour winds or more. right now it has winds of 150 miles an hour in the center. it's eventually expected to take a turn knot of the islands, which is great news. bermuda may be in the path. one unnamed system on either side through the caribbean. then there's julia. arnd the cape verd islands now. it's a tropical storm. eventually this is expected to take a turn. so we don't anticipate seeing any land areas affected by julia. but the jury is still out on whether that will be the case with igor. there's rmuda. it could be in the path. it's a long way from the united states, and wi continue to be so into the weekend as it does. weaken a bit along the way. richard? >> yeah, we're movingri certain
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into the hurricane season. we're already up to letter ab"j about 10 letters in. >> yeah, and we probably have a few more to go. >> nick walker, thank you for keeping an eye on igor for us. now let's move to hundreds of people who have fled their homes in colorado because of this. a second wildfire has broken out north of boulder. the new fast growing fire has b destroyed five buildings so far. air tankers have already been fighting a week long wildfire that made the 35-mile trip north today to help slow the spread of the new fire. in california rescuers are searching for four people who remain missing after thursday's massive natural gas explosion. take a look at this bird'seye view. rescuers are contending with. then this. it looks like it's been hit by a bomb. now nearly 50 homes have been
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wiped off the map. lee cowan joins us on the phone. lee, of course, the question is what is the latest investigat n investigation, and there's a particular interest in a large piece of pipe. >> well, we're at a fire department. we're waiting for whate're told is going to be from the company that owns the gas line here. state regulators over the weekend asked them to exam all 5,000 miles of their gas lines in the area to make sure nothing like this is going to happen anywhere else and there's not a risk of this happening anywhere else. hopefully at this briefing we'll hear more on how that is going. the federal investigation is taking a 28-foot piece ofew pip that blew off during the explosion about 100 feet away. they're wrapping it up and taking it to washington, d.c. to try to figure out what caus ted the breach in the first place. corrosion, metal fatigue,
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construction that went on previously that may have weakened the line? . they just don't know. they don't know what led to the spark in the first place. they did a test on the line as recently as march. there were no leaks at that time. they said it was old. they were planning to replace it. but at this point, it's still a mystery. >> six months ago. that's got to be prigt anything for some people in the area. lee cowan will be listening to that and getting us the latest. lee, thank you so much. >> reporter: you bet. next, jets players and coaches accused of unsportsman like conductf a sexy sports en reporter. then, dozens of men underground in spain. but these miners are choosing to stay.
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the number of folks across the country now at or below the poverty level isn track to be the highest since the 1960s. those u.s. citizens considered to be poor was 13.2% in 2008. that's expected to jump to almost 15% when a new census report is released later this week. that's about one out of seven.
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child poverty is on the rise as well. but it's hitting blacks and latinos the hardest. the cities facing the toughestt times include detroit,my, cape coral, florida, and las vegas, nevada. some of the poor spots. louise is a new york times business reporter. we look at the gring gap between the rich and the poor. how is that related to this poverty increase we're looking at? >> there's a new line of search developing around whether inequality leads to or contributes to financial crisises. if you look back in history before the 1929 market crash, inequality was at the greatest point. it returned to that point right before this financial crises. what you're seeing now is part of what happened getting into the financial crisises.
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it's a lard hotr than it would have been if we didn't have such big gap. >> 45 million u.s. citizens at the poverty level, that's going to put a drag on the economy. i want to play you sound on a response from the administration about what's happening with the economy. take a listen to this, louise. >> where do you think unemployment will be m?in the short term? >> the cea and treasury issue an official unempyment forecast. so i'm not going to deviate. >> is it going to stay hi? >> it's going to stay hi. this recession is the deepest in opour lifetime. more than 8 million people lost our jobs. it's going to take a significant push before that comes down. i don't anticipate it happening rapidly. >> all right. that's from the president's new
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chair. is honesty too much for us now? might this drag down the market and confidence? know what's already in their pockets. for a lot of people it's not much cash. i don't think honest words is going to make people feel worse. what people are watching for are policies that dress the long term unemployeed. today the international monetary fund said over 300 million people ared unemployed throught the world. they said governments need to look for programs to get people back to work before govements tighten their belt. so there's a lot of debate. >> so we're talking to those who are unemployed. and we have the issue of poverty. is it possible to see economic growth without jobs itself? >> that's the problem.
3:19 pm
typically when you have a job you spend money. consumers pull out of the recession. people are not buyi new houses or moving out from living with their sister-in-law when they don't have a job. jobs are nee aded to improve th economy. >> and we're not going to have time to talk about it, but i wish we did. is this the new normal? louise story, thank you so much. it's a story we all care about so much. this may not come as a shock to many of you, but older folks across the country are laboring longer, and at more strenuous jobs than ever before. this is a new study for the center of economic policy and research. it found one in three workers over the age of 58 does a physically demanding job, and may be required to do so for longer if the social security age is raised even higher. it's going to be tough many
3:20 pm
as to whether their bodies can handle this, too. workers are not eligible for full social security benefits until age 66. iran demanding $500,000 to free a u.s. hiker. sa but the shourd feel says they do not ha that kind of money. dramatic video coming in off a road crumbling apart in front of the cameras. find out where.
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[ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landing was better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? he big ones out? nah. welcome back to msnbc. we go to today's world wire. take a look at this road in thailand. sinking into the ground. heavy rains causin a landslide that washed out this highway. there it goes. that's one lane gone. right next to a group of
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bystanders. the 33 miners in chile arery finally getting something they've wanted for some time. cigarettes. the chilean government will gie them two packs a day total. i worry about the fresh air and smoking down there. a group of miners in spain have been down there for 11 days straight. they want to stay under there. they're demanding better mining conditions across the country. the lawyer for the u.s. woman being held in iran is releasing new information today about the bail in her case. iran offered a $500,000 bail for shourd because she's having serious health problems. now they're asking them to at least lower the amount they're requesting in order to set the woman free. nbc' stephanie gosk is in london stephanie, of course, there's the money itself. but let's go to the
3:25 pm
negotiations. the there any indication that iran will comply? >> well, the negotiations are secret. they're being held through the wiss embassy because no swiss diplomats are on the ground. what the lawyer is saying is they're trying to either get this bail dropped or lowered. there's some difficulty in getting the money there. there's no real mechanism to delivethe money there are no diplomatic relationships between the u.s. and iran. we're talking about a u.s. entity transferring $500,000 to the iranian government. how does that happen? will they potentially get some kind of special dispensation from the u.s. government to do that? it could be a logistical issue. there is the possibility they're having problmoem raising the money. it's hard to man they would not be able to raise that money with
3:26 pm
all the publicity they've been getting from donors around the counted. >> is the u.s. government giving money in the situation? do we know anything about that? >> no, it's unclear. certainly if they are it's not public. it would never be done in a public way. but the funding is obviously a stickingoint. and this is the second sticking point. we saw president ahmadinejad cameut and said they were going to release her for humanitarian reasons because she's sick. then you saw them coming in saying they can't do that because of iranian law. there are a lot of complicationy here. >> you bring up a go point with ahmadinejad, anything can change at any momeepnt. stephanie, thank you. reportsing from london. up next for you, a look at minority leader john boehner's humble beginnings. luke russert goes back to
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here's a look at how stocks are trading right now just half an hour before the closing bell. dow jones industrial up 69 points. s&p 500 up 11 and the nasdaq up by eght. a former ibm executive heading to prison for six months. this for leaking information. robert moffat pleadeduilty in march. the case involved $50li colleges defaulting on student loans is on the rise. in 20087% of borrowers defaulted
3:31 pm
on federal loans within two years of starting repayments. that's up nearly 7%from the previous year. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. richard, back to you. you know, it may not have the feign fair profootball returns, but house majority leader left open the possibility of this is not a typo, by the way, of working with obama and the democrats on thtax cuts. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the paint now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we wa to get jobs in america. it sounde like a willingness by congressman boehner to go to th
3:32 pm
president's position of keeping middle class tax relief in place. >> nbc news correspondent luke russert is here. we've heard boehner. but mish tch mcconnell saying i don't agree with boehner. what's going on? >> seeing the united states senatat work. john boehner knows farewell he can come out and look like he can compromise the tax cuts for middle class. he knows there's no chance that that bill will go through the senate. every republican indicated they would block it, as well as a lot of democrats, including independent joe lieberman today said he would not support it for at least the next two years. >> so 's looking forward on this. you did something for us to understand the decision making that the house minority leader has done. you went to his hometown. >> i did indeed.
3:33 pm
a lot of folks said he was a country club republican and playing a lot of golf. but he did come from very humble beginnings in the town of redding, ohio, outside of cincinnati. >> no you can't! >> reporter: john boehner has risen to political heights on capitol hill. itegan on hill street in reading, ohio. it's the house he shared with 11 brothers and sisters. >> so you had 12 people in this house. or 14? >> 14. 12 kids. when we were younger the addition on the end wasn't there. mom and dad slept on a pull-out couch. john steve and i slept in one bedroom. nancy slept in the other bedroom. maneuvering into a big catholic family is where a large part of his leadership skills come from.
3:34 pm
>> you want something done a certain way, it's not possible because there's too oo many people. you have to figure out tho e be way to do something and move on. >> his little sister may say he was bossy. >> make sure you do your homework and sit up straight. what are you doing with your clean clothes going on? >> linda still works at the bar the family used to he. back then it was named andy's cafe. >> you get angry at him for being too harsh on you? >> yeah, because he wasn't mom or dad. >> a teenager who road motorcycles and played football, even in pain. he said we need to do it to win. >> from his mother came the independence. >> stand up and speak your mind. my mother is good at that. she spoke what she thought. she spoke from the heart. >> and from his father his charm and possibly his heart.
3:35 pm
>> i think john does the same thing, connects to people. that's why he's sfsuccessful. >> the begning of an unlikely climb, which may end with him leading 435 people in a very different house on the hill. >> richard, another thing quite interesting ist took john boehner seven years to get his u undergraduate degree from xavier university. that's because he did it through night school and had to have full time nigday jobs. interesting look at his background. it will be interesting to see if they pro mote it more. >> great piece. it took me five or six years to graduate. but i was not working full time. he was. another thing for you to stick around for. a democratic group is reaching t to a teen heartthrob. i want to show you the ad. i know you've heard about this. because we were talking about this. >> this isn't your standard election year video of celebrities asking your to vote. it's us, asking you to vote for
3:36 pm
celebrities who can't. >> celebrities like justin bieber. >> bieber is 16. he's too young to vote. >> so they got justin bieber there, luke. campus progress. . they released that ad. he's canadian. he's 16. that puts him two years away from legal voting age. it's an interesting ploy to engage the youth vote that came out fortunately for democrats in 2008, in which the party allocate over $30 million to get the youth voters and first time voters from the '08 presidential election into the midterm elections in november. trying to pad the democratic majorities. it will be interesting to see how effective it is. a lot of justin bieber fans are between 12 and 16 years old. i know someone is going to blow
3:37 pm
me up on twitter saying they're 2 24 or 25. people in the newsroom talking about it. people older than that age group. during the midterm elections, a huge dropoff in youth votes. it could get them to the ballot box, or to change the s haircut >> it could be the saving of democrats this the polls now. just go with the bieber hair. >>xactly right. >> the richard lui idea of doing it. >> i haven't worn a haircut like that since the 1980s. we'll go with that. luke russert, a real pleasure. the nfl and the new york jets are looking into allegations of sexual harassment after a female reporter claimed here that she felt uncomfortable as she covered the jets pctice on saturday. now ines sainz is a reporter with the network television
3:38 pm
network tv azteca. she at one point tweeted, quote, i'm dying of embarssment. i'm in the jet locker room waiting for mark sanchez and trying to look anywhere. sainz now says she told her stories to nfl officials. she's also defending herself against allegations that she was dressed inappropriately on the job. she did tweet that picture. some media claimed i was improperly dressed for the jets. this is how i looked. terry thompson from the new york daily news. terry, break ts down for us. what exactly happened according to what you understand. we've heard many different perspectives there. >> there were two separate incidents. one on the field. where players and coaches were throwing football her way and
3:39 pm
trying to intimidate her it sounds like. although today she says she did not feel threatened by that particular incident. then she went into the locker room where our reporter kevin artrong and several other reporters saw and heard the cat calls and whistles that came her way. they saw a clearly embarrassed, somewhat threatened girl trying to do her job. >> we were looking at that picture of the way she was just there terry wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. is this inappropriate? >> the issue of how she's dressed has really clouded the sue and what she does off the field with her live and how she presents herself is her business. she's a credentialed reporter approved by the nfl to come into the workplace and cover their sport. if there's a problem with her dress or behavior or anything like that, or any other reporter, there are mechanisms
3:40 pm
for players and coaches and the team to deal with that. cat calls and whistles probably not among those. >> terry thompson, thank you very much. giving us perspective on what has happened over the weekend as we look at ines sainz and he was situation over the weekend. appreciate it. >> well, i think it's an issue that's been, you know, it's been a long time, long hard fought battle for women to get into the locker room, to get the same access that men have. it reminds us we're a long way away from respectful treatment and providing a workplace where women can work without having to face these kinds of things. >> so some progress, but still an opportunity for improvement. thank you very mump. appreciate it. the oprah winfrey show kickedff the 25th and final season today. yeah. it's a surprise that rivals the famous you get a car stunt. oprah is taking the entire st d
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should marijuana be legal? california is getting ready to vote on that very issue, and that also has a law enforcement divided in that state. on one side for you, we have a group of police officers, junls and prosecutors that say legalizing pot is a good idea. on the other side officials that say just the opposite. >> safety in the streets will be jeopardized on the highways, in the workplace, everywhere. proposition 19 is simply a
3:45 pm
pathway not to paradise, but to disaster. >> steven downing ais a former deputy chief in favor of legalizing marijuana. richard is a former police chief in north carolina and opposes the effort to legalize pot. steven, let's start with you we heard from a former dea official there. all of the administrators say this is noa good idea. >> look, the white house just said 65 to 70% of dprug profits for the cartels come fro the sale of marijuana. it seems only reasonable to realize that we did away with whol prohibition and that did away with organized crime, the caponesnd his men.
3:46 pm
the same thing would happen if marijuana. and tax proposition 19 is smart law enforcement, period. >> the argument being made by leif and others, the larm against prohibition where steven is from. what they're saying law enforcement officers are spending too much time trying to undertake the enforcement of marijuanamb laws. and number two, it costs them too much money. so why not legalize this? >> if you remove that, you start going down that slippery slope. we spent a huge portion of the time responding to calls for police service that involved substance abuse. alcohol being a big one, okay. and thalat's legal. now right behind it are other substances. you make them legal, it's goin to catch up to alcohol.
3:47 pm
we want to did rid of that like seat belts. i would rather have a combination of enforcement and attitudes shifting in society so many people are wearing seat ll belts. it's illegal not to wear your seat belts, and the attitudes ve shifted over th years. >> seat belts may be different than talking about marijuana. another point ing made by the cartels leading to a lot of crime. there's a lot of revenue, potential tax revenue as well that's going to these cartel leaders. why not take control of it, reduce the violence, and bring in more revenue during a time where we are struggling when we look at the government's revenue side? >> if you take away the demd, you're going to take away the revenue. so if you start to get people to have a paradigm shift to think about it differently it will work. if you start to make them like it, it's a gateway drug. now they're going to not justm use that small amount that
3:48 pm
california wants to legalize under proposition 19bi, but they'll art using bigger amounts. they'll chasee the high, chase the dragon and going for bigger stuff. >> i want to build off that point you're making and go to steven who supports the law. what about this ading to greater addiction? yet more costs of enforcement and other issues related to the increased use of drugs. zl that's scare tactics that have been used all along. reof marijuana, the scare tact was negros and mexicans and orientals would go wild and rape white women. well, m this myth making, these kinds of scare tactics are there's just no truth to that. there's no truth of it. the proposition 19 doesn't take away penalties for driving under
3:49 pm
the influence. proposition 19 doesn't require for you to come to work hire. that is tille prohibited. last year there were 60,0re00 arrests for marijuana possession in california. those 60,000 arrests had to bef processed by police officers, police officers had to go into the station and book their evidence. in a day and age where almost every police department in the united states is behind on testing rape kits, we're testing simple possession of marijuana to do the prosecution in court so we can send the violator to a treatment program, sy,pend all e money, use all the resources, nothing -- millions of people are smoking marijuana today. just like millions of people were drinking alcohol during capone's time. >> i thank you for joining us. we have to go. i wish we had more time. richard, also wish we had more time to discuss this. hopefully there's a compromise somewhere in this. prop 19 happening in california. we'll see how that goes. thank you both. coming up, a new tell-all
3:50 pm
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now to the fastest three minutes in news. put down your note pads for this one. we go down to the wire -- ready. hit the clock. we start first with something you don' expect to see during morning rush hour in london. a spartan super soldier taking flight to celebrate the launch of the new xbox halo game. he landed in the middle of the couple of fellow spartans safely. if you're a breast-feeding mom looking for support, utah is the place to be.
3:54 pm
there's a new report saying it leads the nation in breast-feeding with nine out of ten mothers trying it and sticking with it for about six months. mississippi is dead last. 223 to go. the box office this weekend, the 3-d film taking the top spot. the only bright spot in the lowest grossing weekend of the year. takers finishing second with just $6 million. and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. that goes for a new e-mail making the rounds promising free porn. it has an even dirtier objective. a computer virus. if you get an e-mail reading, quote, here you have, delete it immediately or be embarrassed. the firstn lady of france paintd here as a female don juan in a
3:55 pm
new book. it reveals that carla bruni invited ex-boyfriends on vacation. like three of them. soon after she married sarkozy in 2008. it claims she has a long list of celebrity boyfriends including mi jagger. they say money can't buy love, but don't tell that to silvio burr les cone. that might be his own se self-advertisement. one british company is hoping pope benedict followers will want to wear their love for him. sweatshirts and t-shirts are rolling off the press. they are being made in honor of the pope's visit to the u.k. this week.
3:56 pm
even babies are going gaga for t gaga. we have that picture for you. this halloween, your little monster can dress up like the superstar fashionista. it is based on an outfit the singer wore at last year's vmas, but some say this is more chile pepper than gaga it's not your usual suspect. a crossing guard spotted the seven-foot long alligator near a tampa elementary school. the gator started inching closer to the kids. deputies taped its mouth shut. i'm richard lui. the dylan rat began show is up next. are momsal getting a raw deal i the workplace? how momism is becoming the new sexism. [ female announcer ] stay once...
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